Edinyarnfest 2017

From the @knitmastery photobooth at #EYF2017.

As last year the Edinyarnfest passed like a blurr. I went with my lovely French/ expatriate tricopines group and had a great time, met old friends and made new ones, knit a bit, got inspired, ate a lot of food and came home high.

Travelling and sewing in ends of my Edinyarnfest cardigan,

meeting my new #tricopines and roommates, and the old beloved ones I don’t see very often. The mandatory G&T, and an early trip out to help finish the @labienaimee booth. Trying to take selfies, mostly failing.  


Friends. Sporting our tricopine xmas gift. LBA team dinner (where I totally failed to spot Jared Flood sitting at the table right next to me !).  Pause in between the battles at the Corn exchange and the hilarious fact the we all bought the exact same blue tweed @woollenflower pouch #teamblue. Meeting up with the #Norwegianteam. 

EYF shenanigans. A big in-house project bag from @Pinkhazelbags filled with yarn candy. Day 1 yarn acquisition – @OldMaidenAunt, @Woollenflower,  @Norneyarn (a gift from the #Norwegianteam ).  And day 2 – @MidwinterYarns, @Tukuwool, @Walkcollection, Uradale yarn ( @trollenwol) . One SQ, three colorwork projects and some shawls – I think I was rather reasonable !

EYF shenanigans, take two (and the ones I more or less planned). The brilliant @julietillyflop tea towel “I’d rather be knitting!”, a simple and pretty silver brooche and fair-isle buttons front @ancaitinbeag, a mini pouch and glow-in-the-dark stitch markers from @little_greygirl.  All the books: the fabulous Norah Gaughan Knitted  Cable Soucebook, a Japanese stitch dictionary, a increase – decrease manuel , and the preordered Coming home by OMA and the 2017 EYF Wooltribe. And of course the bags (one can never have enough bags): Oma projectbag gifted with the preordered copy of my Oma book, the eyf tote bag that I will customise throughout the year with all the scraps from this year’s knits so I can bring it next year as a trophy. A @woollenflower tweed pouch, the Birdie brooche by @stitchbirdie, a hand-sewn note book, ceramic buttons and a measureband-bracelet from @beyondmeasure.  

Red like a lobster on Friday night at the Ceilidh where I was wearing my just-in-time finished Edinyarnfest cardigan. Pattern : Ishnana by Ysolda. Yarn : Merino Twist sock by La Bien Aimée, colour Yellow Brick Road. I love it and I have been living in this since. 

Sunday breakfast and last day with almost all my flatmates before we go home. Exciting about the egg and bacon, granola and yoghurt, the delicious coffee. And of course knitting, modelling the latest scarf, laughing and talking over our voices. Just like that all weekend.  

Sunday at Portobello beach to pause, breathe the sea and say hello to the Border terriers. Delicious lunch, a stroll at the beach, looking at the seashore houses, and then tea and knitting with these lovely ladies.

We are all #sadpaca because we’re leaving.

A huge Thank you ! to Jo and Mica and the whole #EYF team for making another memorable Edinyarnfest ! 

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6 Responses to Edinyarnfest 2017

  1. keiryberry says:

    What a wonderful weekend!

  2. marlainpa says:

    Hi there! I think we sat next to each other at the Ceilidh. Great to meet you and your friends and glad to see you had a great time during the rest of your trip. Love your blog and your knitwear. Marla

    • achka says:

      Hi Marla, it was so nice to meet you and your husband at the Ceilidh, and to hear about your craftivism! Keep on the good work!

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