Edinyarnfest 2017 cardigan (part 2)

I can see the finishing line! Which is good, as I’m packing tonight. 

I already posted this on instagram but I’ll repeat here because, you know, someone could be interested in a quick and dirty phototutorial of steeking using a sewing machine.  

Step 1: mark where you want to sew. As always when you want to sew. I used sewing thread, so you can barely see it.

Normally, it it much better to do this by knitting two Purl ridges along the border where you will cut  ( or cast on : k1,p1,k3,p1,k1 -approximately). Except I forgot that from the last time I steeked son I only added 3 extra knit stitches.

Step 2.: 

Sew 2 rows along each side of where you want to steek to secure the stitches. I made an extra row of zigzag because my swing machine had some tension problems.

Here you can see the three extra stitches I cast on. I will cut in the row in the middle. 

Step 3 : Cut. I snip of the middle strand so the edge will be straight and neat.


Step 4 : pick up stitches. It’s important to be consistent to where you pick up so the edge will be neat. I pick up under the two legs of the stitch (or under the v), and never in one leg of the stitches, which will deform the stitch and the edge. 

Et voilà!

Inside. It’s rather nice but I want to handstitch a nice ribbon band to hide and protect the raw edge. I will go hunting for that at the Edinyarnfest!

And now I’ll have to BO those sleeves and give the cardi a soak !

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1 Response to Edinyarnfest 2017 cardigan (part 2)

  1. bygabs says:

    Merci beaucoup Hege!!

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