I am a terrible blogger  (my autocorrect proposed ‘parent’, here, but I think I am fine with parenthood, really 🙂 ). Last post was about the #brorhatforfallKAL   back in September last year.  The KAL came,  went, a lot of hats popped up and I was happy. So I ought to share some of them here !

Hats made by (from upper left to lower right) @zigeunerin23, @susaneyres, @osloknitter, @zoezu, @julieknitsinparis, @parisgrynet, @pat.a.modeler, @beaetsescroquignols and @bitterpurl on instagram.

It’s so fun to see the different hats. I also love the hacking  of @julieknitsinparis who made it in fingering weight and fair isle and in babysize (read her notes on her ravelry project pages for more info), whereas @pat.a.modeler did a folded brim and @parisgrynet downsized the pattern. Pattern Hacking is one of my favourites, and this what we’re doing most of the time, right?

I realised during the KAL that there were less talking and much more knitting. I am not a very chatty person myself (this mught surprise some people, others no) so maybe it reflects me. Anyway it made me think about how to host a KAL and how to create enthusiasm. Which is a tough one for me because I love being social but I hate being in the middle of the frenzy. And I just want to go knitting. 

Another FO I would like to show is my Sun Rose sweater. I am really happy about how it turned out. The pattern is by Laura Aylor and is well written and has very clean lines that make the yarn take its own place. I made some slight modifications, the major one being to modify the sleeves and  knit them long. I am always cold, so 3/4 sleeves never work for me. The sleeves are also knit one size bigger than the yoke to fit my bulging knitting muscles :)) . I omitted the eyelets and did a wide reversed stockinette border to prevent from rolling. I mirrored this for the hem.

The yarn is by La Bien Aimée. It’s their dk merino and the colourway is called Le littoral. Lavender blues with grungy ochre speckles. This colour has my name written all over, so of course I had to make a sweater out of this. As this is handdyed yarn, I alterned my skeins to have an even result as possible. 

Finishing socks. 

I finally finished the ones I started back in September just before Christmas.  I love that heel. Vanilla is the new black by Anneh Fletcher. La Bien Aimée yarns tough sock which is a bfl nylon base perfect for socks. Colourway Interstellar. 

I am currently following the #yarnlovechallenge over at Instagram, and today’s post was about community. If I get more information from my knit friends I will make a blog post about the events going on in Paris/France on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate to comment here to. But as I said on ig: using the Event features on Ravelry is THE best thing! Just saying 🙂

Have a good Sunday !

Happy knitting !

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