Yarn therapy

Life happens. If you are following me on Instagram, you already know that my lovely grandfather left us in March. Even though I tend to focus on the happy memories of his 95 years on earth, I am still finding it hard to believe he has passed over to the other side. I am so happy and grateful to have known him for over 40 years.

But life goes on. Knitting has become a very important way to live through both crisis and happiness. So I have been knitting through it all.

Here’s Inglis Mitts by Ysolda. I bought the yarn Blend1 at EYF, and it knits up so lovely. It is a thoroughly nice pattern with soothing cables. I finished mid April, thinking it was too bad timing for mittens, but it turned out spring would wait, so I have used them quite often until mid May. Cold weather is not always bad !

Inglis Mitts by Ysolda, Yarn : Blend1. Raveled here

I have also done some great progress on the poncho Indigo Frost by Isabel Kraemer. I still have some rows on the ribbing left before bind off, and as for the mittens, I will finish with the warm weather. Good timing indeed. But it’s a great project for knitnights and other social outings! It is a stashbusting project, and I am using Rowan’s Baby Merino Silk DK in a lovely blue-grey colour. It is for my daughter, and she loves the way it turns out. It is a slipped stitches pattern in four colours on the yoke that looks much like a stranded pattern. I used varied stash leftovers for that part. Stash busting is still a big issue for me, mainly because I have a huge stash and it doesn’t stop me from getting more! It is not really a problem, except I have limited space (I am sure some of you can relate to that).

Indigo Frost by Isabel Kraemer. Yarn : Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK.

Speaking of stash enhancing, here is one I could not let go. It is a quiet unusual colour for me, I am not a pink woman. But I simply couldn’t resist this Happy accident (that’s the name) of Pêche mignon in LBA singles. Two skeins of spring and a little Mini in Yellow Brick Road to make a small bolero for the warmer days to come. I read through my stitch dictionnairies (I have a few) and set on one from Barbara Walker. It is so lovely to knit, easy to remember and looks beautiful. I made my swatch, blocked it and did the maths. I hope it turns out the way I want, but even though I have the big lines in my head and the sketches in my notebook, it still is an empirical project. I actually keep getting ideas of changes to make, so who knows where this journey takes me?

La Bien Aimée yarns, Merino singles, colourway Happy Accident2 (Pêche mignon) and Yellow Brick Road.

Lastly, another finished stash-busting project in a favourite colour of mine : blue. Waiting for rain shawl by sweaterspotter / Silvia Bo Bilvia is knit up in a gorgeous Merino Silk Lace by SweetGeorgia. I made this for a knitworthy friend. The pattern is a crescent in garterstitch with short-rows in a lace pattern, and I really liked the combination. When you get bored with one, you change to the other! The yarn is absolutely stunning. My skein was very uneven and variegated, so garterstitch was the right stitch to use here, and I am so pleased with the result.

Waiting for rain by Silvia Bo Bilvia. Yarn : Merino Silk Lace by SweetGeorgia. Raveled here

And, to round up this long show-and-tell post, a bouquet of wonderful roses and a bouquet of lovely yarn.

Until next time : Happy knitting!

yarn and roses.jpg





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