Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016

Edinburgh Yarn Festival – only in it’s third edition and already a legend. All well organised, from the venue to the booklet, to the teachers and the vendors. The evening Ceilith on Friday was awesome and even the weather gods were on our side showing Edinburgh from it’s best. I will return to Edinburgh,  Scotland and Edinyarnfest !

Below a selection of my pictures taken during the stay. Of course I did not keep a no-buy promise which was not one. My suitcase was bulging. That said, there were even more !  So… I’ll come back.

“The French knitters” Nappyknitter, Julieknitsinparis and myself and our cabled pompom hats.

We are waiting for the doors to open at the La Bien Aimée booth. Aimée and Amelia and the beautiful pile of yarn.

EYF goodies : Triskelion yarns, The little grey sheep, Woollenflower, Tamar from Blacker Yarns, festival tote bag and buttons from The knitting goddess, Stitchbirdie and Weft blown, Hedgehog fibres, Pink Hazel bags, Old Maiden Aunt and Blend1 from Ysolda.image

Me and Copain.


Edinburgh as seen from the Castle.

Edinburgh – with the moor in the background.
I have no idea who this is, but very pictural.

I see tweed.

The Castle from below.


Ceilith with The Picts

Places you can knit. Julieknitsinparis on the tramway to the airport.

Nappyknitter handwinding Blend1 to cast on.

Knitting friends from Norway. Osloknitter and her mum.


Prosecco. A toast for my lovely grandfather who passed over to the other side Saturday 19th March 2016.

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8 Responses to Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016

  1. mudarissa says:

    Looks like a dream trip for the future. I soooooo want to go there😀 Looking forward to seeing the yarns that tempted you most and what you decide to do with them.

    • achka says:

      It is definitely a festival worth the visit! I already have some ideas for some of the yarn. The Triskelion will become the shawl pictured, Blend1 Ysoldes mittens from the festival book and shawl releases for the show. The rest… is bonus!
      (I added description to the pictures, so you can see the name of the yarn etc. Somehow they got lost in the last upload)

  2. Lotte says:

    It was so good to see you again, Hege! Next time in Paris 🙂

    And big hugs about your grandfather.

  3. Ebba says:

    Yes, I am so happy to be with to EYF2016 and so good to see you and the other lovely girls from L’OisiveTh’e.

  4. keiryberry says:

    Lovely to see your photos and hear about EYF.
    Hugs for you.

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  6. Nappy knitter says:

    Big hugs Hege!!

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