Bloganiversary !

There’s been a while since last time, and the day I decide to log on WordPress, I find it’s is my blogs anniversary. 3 years already!

So I’m celebrating with my new mobile phone  (my old one decided today was a good day to stay black) which will give way better pictures  (I hope!). And a picture from my hopelessly huge pile of hand-knits I want to bring with me to Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016 (!!!) tomorrow. (Remark the empty wine glass and notes for homework). Weather forecast is cloudy and colder than Paris, so I also packed lots of Long John’s! I love it when I can use all the hand-knits!


I didn’t knit anything particular for the show because I didn’t bother, but now I have second thoughts… The only knit I really would have made for the festival is my Bror hat in a new base. Perhaps I’ll find yarn over there to cast on?

Anyway, I will bring these WIPs :



I want to bring more, but my luggage is already full. Reason to not buy yarn (I know already that I will break that rule)!

Stay tuned, I want to share #EYF2016 with you !

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