New Year

Looking back

2015 was a special year with a lot changes in my personal life. Mostly for the good (like in “No mud, no lotus”), but still a tough year. Luckily, knitting makes me stay sane, and I am grateful for that, for the knitting community of which I am a part of, for the yarn hauls, for the creativity surrounding me.

Here’s some of my FO’s from last year. There are a few projects missing in the cavalcade, but this is essentially what I finished.


Last year, I knit mostly from my yarnstash. We are having a yearly knit-your-stash challenge in the L’Oisivethé-group on Ravelry. It is a great motivation, and it works! I love yarn, so I tend to succumb when I find something beautiful. I am so lucky to live in Paris where I have several great LYS, and I am in a yarn-loving community of great knitters and hand-dyers. When I go home to Norway, I find other types of yarn. Great bases of sturdy, sheep-smelling, lovely yarn, or gorgeous alpaca-blends. And of course, I use the Internet for yarn-crawling. Still, my goal is to knit what I already have in my home.

The year was also a @Westknits year. I made 5 of his shawls : Clockwork (not pictured), Exploration station, Askews me Shawl, Garter goodness and The Doodler. I really like his style and ways. It is fun and ingenious and colourful. I love his sparkled way, and I still remember the motto: Embrace your errors, move forward.

2015 was also the year when I published my first paid-for pattern on Ravelry, Bror and Søster. It is a great feeling to see the fruit of your creative work out in the wild. I can remember a few years back when I was taking up my needles again after ten years or so, and I knit a pair of neck-warmers for my children. I found them in a drawer some months ago, and I smiled of my clumsiness. I have knit so many miles since then, and I have learned so much! Enough to not be afraid of making something that looks like a garment, and that other knitters like and want to knit. This gives me confidence.

Heading forth

I do not like new years resolutions. I think that every day of the year  should be the day you decide to make the best of it, to offer the best of yourself.

Every morning is a new beginning.
Live now, say “I love you”, knit the nice yarn and put on your lipstick!


May 2016 bring you happiness, health, love and a lot of knitting!



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One Response to New Year

  1. keiryberry says:

    What a wonderful collection of finished projects (as always) and lovely words. I feel very lucky to find myself in the same community of talented, kind and inspirational knitters. Onwards with the stash down knitting (and stash renewal).

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