Summer knits : Garter goodness WestknitsSSK

I am thinking back on my summer vacation knitting now that the autumn is here. vaffler.jpg

GGcolours.jpgOne of my summer knits this year was the Stephen West shawl Garter Goodness. I saw it on preview when he came to l’Oisivethé in May, and I fell in love with the kilometer of garterstitch. I was lucky to have Stephen himself to help me choose colours, and I am so glad I did! GGsection2.jpg


I will not lie : it is a very long knit. It’s a sweaters worth of garterstitch. But it is also relaxing and easy-peasy, so I could bring this wherever I went. At the end it is rather huge, though, so a big project bag is useful!


GGstrandNorge.jpg  GGmorningcoffee.jpg  GGDrammenselva.jpg

This WIP followed me all summer, from peeping hot Paris (France) to the brisk clear temperatures in Drammen (Norway), back to Paris again, through moving into a new appartment, knitting whenever I could, and lastly to Saint Malo on the French north-west coast where I finally could bind off on la Plage des Dames. It was immediately adopted by my son who needed something warm and snuggly after a cold bath!


Why is this design so special? Why does it appeal so much to me?

Firstly, I could say it is highly unconventional in shape. You start with an icord gartertab and knit on from there. With some well placed increases the shawl grows out to be a cape. It is so simple and so genious. So bold and fun. So very Westknits, and I love that.


Secondly, it is simple, but you have all the elegant details that makes it look like a garment straight away. I-cord edges and -bind off. Increases at a constant pace, creating lines and structure. A well written pattern that leads you forward.



Thirdly, the colour play. Choose a beautiful yarn, take four colours that go together, let them play, enjoy the  result. Can it be better?  GGvintagebuttons.jpg  GGmar.jpg









This is actually the only modeled photos I have. But I am using it all the time. It is a perfect huge size, it covers up when you need it to, it can be worn as a cape or a shawl or a cowl or a simple swaggy top using the buttons.

It is wonderfully versatile and very Boom! You’re in Paris! Which I am, so it’s perfect!

I am in love, and will probably knit this pattern again. It is Absolutely Fabulous!

Pattern : Garter Goodness by Stephen West
Yarn : MadelineTosh merino light
Raveled here. GGPetra.jpeg

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2 Responses to Summer knits : Garter goodness WestknitsSSK

  1. Nappy knitter says:

    I need to make mine!!

  2. Biroulegem says:

    Wow ! Lovely colors !

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