It has been a great deal of knitting over here the pas two months without any blogging about it (five FO’s, and two freshly new WIP on my needles). Other things are taking up my mind too, big changes ahead so I’ve been busy enough.

But no blogging – procrastination ahoy!
If you follow me on my IG-account @achkaknitting, you have probably seen some of the knits though.

Remember my New Beginning in the last post ? Well,  I can tell it’s a winner !


Hanging around in my new LYS La Bien Aimée. Photo credit: L'Oisivethé

I’m so happy about this shawl and it gets a lot of wear!  I’m especially satisfied because it’s a super stash buster project, and I got to use so much scrap yarn, and it is still gorgeous  (if I might say so myself).


Exploration station

One of the greatest compliments I got was : it has this Castelbajac look. Wow,  thank you, Barbara’s mum! Now I feel really fabulous  when I wear it (and I need that right now)!


Birthday - starring neon peach and my Exploration station

This shawl has endless possibilities, and there’s tons of beautiful versions out there.  Make a search on IG on #explorationstation and get inspired to make your own – or maybe you already did?  For sure, I will knit this shawl again!


Colour collage

Pattern : Exploration Station by Stephen West
Yarn :  mostly leftovers from my stash – MadelineTosh, Koigu, Dulcimer, Riverside Studio, Dye For Wool, Old Maiden Aunt. See my Ravelry page for details.

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4 Responses to Procrastination

  1. keiryberry says:

    Your knitting inspires me so much. This is a gorgeous shawl.

  2. Mity says:

    Oh quelle merveille !!! Tu es vraiment douée pour associer les couleurs !

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