New beginning

Do you know that feeling when you get obsessional about something and you don’t get your mind out of that spiral?
It seems like this is getting a nasty habit of mine when it comes to choosing new knitting projects and yarn / colours. In fact, I want to knit it all and use all my stash at the same time. It’s quite unrealistic but real enough.

The beginning of my new WIP was like that. I began with this selection. As you can see, I was not yet settled on which shawl I wanted to knit. A Color craving or an Exploration station, both by Stephen West.   Only that the yarn was there and at hand, and I got REALLY obsessed about these colours because they all have something.


I settled on the combo down  middle and cast on. But I was not entirely sure it would work out in this shawl.  2 + 2 similar colours. The pattern says 1 + 3. But it could also be interesting, so I went on knitting.


I love the colours,  but… not like this…
So I frogged,  and did another swatch.


And I lost my mojo. I took the swatch to knitnight. And frogged it. And tore out all the beautiful yarn from the shelves to find a way to make it work with my beautiful skeins at hand. Being OBSESSIONAL.

I should have known that nothing comes out of pushing it too hard. Let it go and it comes back to you.


So I did let go. Put my beautiful skeins back into their drawer and let them wait for some different project.
And some days later I played around with my leftovers.

And was pleased to find it worked out nicely. Of course, there’s something new too, the Cosmic wonder dust colourway to bind it all together.

I love it already. An explosion of summer. A new beginning.


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7 Responses to New beginning

  1. mudarissa says:

    Wow! Gorgeous combination. Can’t wait to see the finished product. 😀

  2. Febr12 says:

    Ooh, this looks very interesting! I totally relate to what you call your obsession. Sometimes I plan my yarn and colors and I almost NEVER stick to the plan. I very often start just like you, putting my skeins apart, but than I find myself ending up with something very different. My knitting is very intuitive, especially when it comes to color choices. I chose as I go along, it has turned out to be the best way for me. I feel like a painter with yarn.
    Can’t wait to see the result of that shawl 🙂

    • achka says:

      The intuition is not to be neglected indeed. And you have an excellent intuition. Also, colours are interacting, especially in hand painted yarn. I so agree about feeling like a painter with yarn, and I think playing around with colours can save the day :).

  3. FogKnits says:

    I’ve done both the color craving and the exploration station. I love them both but my exploration station gets the most wear. I really want to make another exploration station using leftovers…probably end up with a lot more than 4 colors! I love the new color palate! So fun!

  4. Verónica says:

    I know exactly what you mean on the obsessed part. Yesterday, i imagined myself like an octopus with many hand for knitting different projects at the same time! Something about the creative process that gets me going.

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