Weekend mittens


Malabrigo Arroyo, Le Chat qui Tricote Chamaille, Koigu kpppm, Malabrigo Arroyo, MadelineTosh 80/10/10 worsted

Some of you might know this already, but I have a tremendously huge stash. Going from next to nothing to miles of meters in only a very few years. I refuse to be ashamed of it. Rather, I’d cuddle up into it and play around for days. And I also refuse to be on yarn diet.

Still, it is one of my daily challenges to knit from my stash.
This weekend, as I got cought up by some virus lurking about in the vicinity, I had the excellent excuse for not doing anyhing else than cuddle up in my sofa and drink hot beverages and KNIT. I am sure the latter helps on recovering.

I have been searching for a quick knit lately ( my current WIP’s are mostly long-carrier-projects ), and when my daughter slipped a knitting – wish through her pre – adolescent lips, I jumped on the occasion. They’re rare enough to cherish, and this one could be fulfilled in one weekend.

So here’s a pair of fingerless mittens, Susie Roger’s reading mitts, a free pattern on Ravelry, knit with the wonderful and soft Arroyo from Malabrigo. The colour is Lavanda, and is a perfect match of the braided cowl I knit her for Christmas.
She’s happy, and so am I.

I’m going back to my stash to see what I could knit next.
I wish you a happy knitting week !

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2 Responses to Weekend mittens

  1. mudarissa says:

    Oooo I do like- a lot! 🙂 lovely colour and style. I too, have an ever growing stash and feel its a necessity, not an indulgence as a keen knitter. Made socks, slippers and scarves this year as Christmas presents and was thinking of gloves for next year for some people. This looks like a definite pattern for some of them. Thanks for sharing and hope you’re feeling better soon:)

  2. keiryberry says:

    Hope you are feeling better. Snow flurries on Friday made me start knitting a hat.

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