Visible mending

I knit socks. I love hand knit socks. They’re warm and snuggly and sometimes fancy too. You can use that single skein of beautiful yarn in your stash. The one with crazy colours not suitable for anything else. Socks are great to knit, to wear. And even to mend.
Today I’m mending this sock. It’s not the first time. The yarn is not really suitable for hard wear. But wonderful in all other ways. So I’m mending it.


It’s #wovember,  remember !

I am using the first method I learned by Trond Viggo Torgersen. He used to have great series for children on the telly. Here’s the “mending your socks” – clip (from 3 minutes and further):

Trond Viggo og Flode:  (broken link updated)

Who learned you yo mend (if you do)?

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