Some days, like today, I would like the right to just spell it out…

Just because I have been on vacation, does not mean I have not been knitting, of course. But in the meantime, as I try to make some decent photos, I invite you to read this post from woolandgathering about loving your lys, and supporting local products, and also a bit about the right to free abortion in Norway. A right worth fighting for there, here and everywhere!


Print I´ve just read the Rowan e-newsletter of Febuary 2014 . It shows a few nice knitting designs, but mostly crochet designs which I care less about… this is after all a knitting blog! But what caught my interest was an article on page 7, about a new campaign; « Love Your Yarn Shop ». I think that´s a great initiative, and I hereby pass the idea on to my LYS (local yarn shop)!

My LYS: «Sy med oss» offers a good range of Norwegian yarn + Kauni (Estonian). What I love about my LYS apart from their excellent knitting-cafè once a week, is being able to drop by, have a nice chat, search through the shelves filled with wool in all colours and qualities, being inspired by a new yarn or a showpiece, get a new knitting tool and get valuable advice from a person(s) that really know…

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