2013 Knit Year

The good ones:
12 shawls, 1 scarf, 2 cowls, 4 hats, 1 adult cardigan, 1 adult sweater, 1 children sweater, 2 baby cardigans, 1 baby-hat, 3 pairs of fingerless mittens, 1 pairs of wrist-warmers, 2 pairs of socks, 1 necklace, a christmas ornament, a flower and a market bag.

The bad ones:
5 frogged projects, 6 work in progress- projects (as by Dec. 2013), Hibernating: 3

Used most: Raindrop cardigan
Fastest knit crochet: Bidule
Happiest knit:  Crescent over Lothlorien, Happy Street, All the shades of truth (only shawls!)
Best (most used) shawl: Henslowe (but difficult to choose here!)
Most frustrated: Peony perimeter sample knit – had to give it away! And my top Blithe that I have started for the 3rd time (and still hibernating)!!!
Funniest knit:  Pain perdu
A useful thing I learned: knitting two socks at a time on magic loop!

The 2013 Gallery of Finished Projects




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2 Responses to 2013 Knit Year

  1. L’année 2013 a été bien productive !!!! Waouw.
    Bonne année 2014 !

    • achka says:

      En effet. C’est en sortant tout qu’on se rend compte l’etendue de la production :).
      Belle annee a toi aussi!

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