Tricot au soleil ou tricoter le soleil ?

Knitting in the sun or knitting the sun?

Pain perdu au soleil

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4 Responses to Test-knit

  1. Febr12 says:

    Ou pourquoi pas tricoter le soleil au soleil.

    • achka says:

      You’re right!
      I am absolutely in awe with this orange hue. Sophie, the owner of the DulcimerYarns, is so talented with her dyes, she even makes me like orange! And she dyes in the heart of Paris. How cool is that? I’ll update my links so you can visit her website.

      • Febr12 says:

        I LOVE handdyed yarns, what a delight to knit with. It’s so great you can find them so close to where you live. I’ll come and take a look at “Dulcimer Yarns”. I should do some research here in Belgium too for handdyed yarns. So far I haven’t heard of any, but honestly I haven’t tried hard neither.

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