Casting on a new project is always a pleasure. This is one of my favourite moments.
I can touch the yarn, admire the colours, watch the knits and purls transform a simple string into a pattern.

Knitting is truly magic. From a ball of yarn, you can make a sophisticated garment or a simple dishcloth.

grrlfriend market bag

Pattern: Grrlfriend Market Bag by Laura Spradlin
Yarn: Catania solids Schachenmayr namotto.
View my project page on Ravelry.

This is my latest project. I fell for the yarn – or actually, I fell for the colour.
A bright, rich, pinky salmon. It felt so right to knit this for the first day of spring.

The drawback is the fabric. It’s cotton, and I hate to knit cotton.
I don’t like the un-strechiness. It make my hands hurt. It’s tiresome.

But you know, when you fall for someone, you take the good and the bad, don’t you?

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One Response to Beginning

  1. Jen says:

    I can *so* relate to this ! 🙂

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